Nigerian authorities silent on health of Sheikh Zakzaky wife

Oyetakin disclosed that government can partner El-Zakzaky to bring peace and unity which he said the nation is search for. He recalled how he met with one of the Service Chiefs and told him that El-Zakzaky can never be an enemy of the Nigerian state. Oyetakin spoke in Abuja at the book launch on December 2015 massacre of Shi’ites in Nigeria, survivors accounts by the IMN. He said the country belongs to everyone, adding that El-Zakzaky deserves to be freed.

Oyetakin commended the Shi’ites for what he described as the peaceful manner they have been going about the release of their leader.He urged them to continue the struggle with a peaceful approach as they demand justice.His words: “I am one of those who believe that when an issue of injustice had been raised time will never overrule it. People say justice delayed is justice denied. But when there are consistencies, due diligence no matter how far it takes the justice will come.

“Because people will not stop asking questions and talking. And I have witnessed that with the Islamic movement. One thing that I want to continue to appreciate them for is the fact that there has been no violence in their demands.“When the massacre happened in 2015, I was shocked because I never expected it. And within those period and subsequent arrest and detention of El-Zakzaky I had an interface with some of the security chiefs.

“I remember I personally told one of them that El-Zakzaky can never be an enemy of the Nigerian state. He can be a friend if well partnered. I told them that government can partner him for a better Nigeria, a better search for the unity of the nation that we are looking for. And he did not talk to me as if he was against my presentation to him.

“Since then till date, even on television when, I am not sent when I am analyzing international discuss, I have had occasion to say that he deserved to be released. He deserved to be freed. Human natures are complex and very dynamic.”

He went further that: “We could have offended ourselves in one way or the other, but if we have the humility to accept that we have done wrong, for example, I do not see the reason if the Kaduna State government during the probes sessions have been able to come as far as accepting that the military said that they did some burial of about 300 people in a single burial place. That is enough for the issue to be taken up more seriously in the interest of reconciliation.

“I will always encourage the Shi’ites to continue to be peaceful in their demands for justice. It is our right to continue to demand for justice. My God almighty continue to preserver El-Zakzaky who I consider a very good friend. I am not somebody that can be bribed to do anything. The enemy of your enemy can never be my enemy. This country belongs to all of us.”

The book reviewer, Prof. Isa Mshalgaru who is of the Rescue Forum of the IMN condemned the detention of El-Zakzaky and ask for his unconditional released. Another member of the Rescue Forum of the IMN who was chairman of the occasion said the call and struggle for the release of their leaders will not stop, adding that government should do the needful. He urged their members to continue the peaceful manner, assuring them that soon justice will, prevail.

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