ISIS claimed responsibility for Baghdad suicide bombings

The ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for two suicide bombings Thursday morning in al-Tayaran Square in the Bab al-Sharqi district in central Baghdad.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the recent suicide bombings in Baghdad, one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the city in three years, on its affiliated news agency Amaq.

Meanwhile, Baghdad’s Al-Tayaran Square witnessed two suicide bombings yesterday morning, where, according to Iraqi Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Khalid al-Muhana, a suicide bomber first pretended to be ill and when people gathered around him, Blew himself up while another suicide bomber did the same after a crowd gathered to evacuate the wounded.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Minister of Health and Environment Hassan al-Tamimi stressed yesterday evening that, according to final statistics, suicide bombings in al-Tayaran Square killed a total of 32 people and left 110 injured, some of them still in Baghdad hospitals are receiving treatment, while most of the injured have been discharged.

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