Al-Azhar condemned Baghdad suicide bombings

Al-Azhar University issued a statement this evening (Thursday) strongly condemning the suicide bombings this morning in Al-Tayaran Square in the center of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, which left more than 140 dead and wounded.

Al-Azhar in its statement, while emphasizing that such heinous terrorist acts are contrary to the teachings of the heavenly religions and human principles, called for the unity and solidarity of all Iraqi forces and groups of different religions and ethnicities to prevent the threat of accursed terrorism and giving superiority to the great interest of this country.

This important center of Islamic sciences fos Sunnis of the world also called for the solidarity of the international community in the face of terrorism, and while expressing condolences and sympathy with the Iraqi people, wished divine mercy to the victims of the Baghdad suicide bombings and urgent healing to the wounded in this terrorist attack.

Iraqi Minister of Health and Environment Hassan Al-Tamimi announced this evening that the death toll from two suicide bombings in Al-Tayaran Square had risen to 32 dead and 110 wounded, 36 of whom were being treated in Baghdad hospitals and other wounded were discharged.

Earlier, Maj. Gen. Khalid Al-Muhana, a spokesman for the Iraqi Interior Ministry, said in detail about the details of the terrorist attack in Baghdad’s Al-Tayaran Square: The suicide bomber blew himself up after pretending to be ill and people gathered around him. The second suicide bomber blew himself up after a crowd gathered to evacuate the wounded.

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